Acting as an independent research and development laboratory, PozLab Ltd. conducts its service activity in R&D sector as well as in the area of chemical and pharmaceutical analysis for companies operating in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, veterinary and related industries.

PozLab Ltd. specializes in modern formulation and process development. Our core business activity also includes carrying out complex analytical and microbiological tests of pharmaceuticals (including analyses of APIs and excipients), veterinary products, cosmetics and dietary supplements. 

PozLab's mission

PozLab mission is supporting our customers to accelerate building a healthier World!


PozLab team includes specialists with extensive experience in R&D area of international pharmaceutical companies. Knowledge and expertise allows the team constituting the centre to conduct all activities in compliance with the highest quality standards.


All the activities are conducted in our high-tech laboratories. Depending on the needs, it is also possible to carry out a given project at a location indicated by the customer.

PozLab business activity covers execution of projects from Poland and abroad, as well as participation in scientific and academic projects, both domestic and international.

PozLab also conducts its own research and development work in the field of drug product development.

While executing projects, the company closely cooperates with renowned scientific research centres in Poland and in Europe.

PozLab shareholders are, among others, Nickel Technology Park Poznan, University Centre for Medical Technologies Transfer (the company by the Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences in Poznan) and individuals.