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Drug Product Development

PozLab provides end-to-end pharmaceutical development services, including:
• Candidate Selection for New Chemical Entities
• Early-Stage Development (NCEs, generics, generic plus products)
• Late-Stage Development

Quality Control

PozLab has had multiple GMP Quality Control audits for the following:
• Analytical Methods Transfer
• API & Excipients release testing
• Impurity determination, physical properties analyses, PSD

Microbiological Laboratory Testing

PozLab offers comprehensive microbiological analyses, for both product analysis and microbiological monitoring of manufacturing areas

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New Aspects and Challenges of Modern Solid Dosage Form Development and Processing

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Featured Speakers:
Monty Buchanan
Monty Buchanan
Business Development Manager North America
Stefan Małycha
Stefan Małycha
Head of Formulation Development
and Technology Transfer
Joerg Breitenbach
Joerg Breitenbach
Head of Enterprise development
George Shlieout
George Shlieout
CEO of PozLab
  • Introduction and brief description of Services provided by Pozlab Ltd
  • TIM Model case studies
    • Once Daily formulation
    • Multi particulate Formulation
  • Formulation Development concept for a BCS II compound showing pH dependent solubility
  • Development of BCS II compound by using Hot Melt Extrusion (HME of BCSII compound)
  • Development of Biologic compound by using API Layering Technology
  • Q & A Session
  • Closing Remarks