PozLab history

Pozlab was founded in 2010 by a group of professionals with long-standing experience in R&D area of international pharmaceutical companies. The University Centre for Medical Technologies Transfer in Poznan considerably contributed to the company establishment.

In mid-2011 the company established cooperation with Nickel Technology Park Poznan (NTPP). As a result, NTPP joined PozLab as an equity investor and shareholder, and established cooperation with respect to implementing PozLab initiative of opening microbiological and biotech laboratories. PozLab was also involved in design and construction of Nickel BioCentrum – a centre for companies operating in biotechnological sector where since 2012 has nearly 1000m2 of laboratory area. In 2013 the company is GMP-licensed for manufacture of medical products in scope of quality control and in 2014 additionally for investigational medical products and for import of medical products.