The company offers comprehensive development of drug products, veterinary products, food supplements and cosmetics, as well as manufacturing process development and optimization of the abovementioned products.

Wherever applicable, development work can be done by the QbD (Quality by Design) approach, and/or the FDA, ICH, and EMA guidances.

We offer formulation development of the following drug dosage forms:

  • granules
  • coated tablets: Immediate Release/Orodispersible/Fast Dissolving/Modified Release
  • effervescent forms (e.g. tablets, granules)
  • hard capsules
  • liquid oral forms: solutions, suspensions, syrups
  • suppositories
  • ointments/creams/gels

Our scope of services includes also:

  • development of paediatric formulations of the abovementioned drug dosage forms,
  • development activities carried out in accordance with the ICH Q8 guidance, QbD and DoE,
  • optimization of the manufacturing process, determination of critical process parameters,
  • scale-up activities,
  • analyses supporting product and process
  • manufacturing process validation,
  • troubleshooting in development and manufacturing process.