PozLab provides the following analyses of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and veterinary products and raw materials:

  • content of chemical elements, mainly metals, by atomic absorption spectrometry method, flame (F-AAS) and flameless technique using graphite furnace (GF-AAS);
  • light metals (e.g. sodium, potassium) content by atomic emission spectrometry (AES) method;
  • mercury content (trace analysis) by cold vapour technique (CV-AAS);
  • arsenic, antimony, bismuth, selenium content (trace analysis) by hydride generation technique (HG-AAS);

Upon request, we offer also development, validation and transfer of proper analytical methods.

In addition, we can perform sample mineralization for determinations with AAS/AES method.

All analyses are performed in compliance with applicable regulations/standards or customer’s specifications.

We use the GBC SavantAA Σ atomic absorption spectrometer,  equipped with:

  • acetylene-air and acetylene-nitrous oxide burners;
  • the 3000 GF graphite furnace with PAL3000 autosampler;
  • the HG3000 hydride generator.

We also have mineraliser Ertec type Magnum II:

  • power microwave – 600 W/vessel
  • temperaturę range – max. 300oC
  • pressure range – 50 bar